Tiny studio session at Blue Kudu

My client at Blue Kudu asked me to replicate the studio photos of his product for two new items.  Could I quickly come to his location to photograph the new products in support of an upcoming product launch?

Sure!  It's all about fitting a tiny studio into a busy commercial kitchen.  Having spent much time taking photos on cramped TV sets, in giant warehouses, and on busy factory floors, the challenge of different locations is my idea of fun.  I know how to adapt my approach to meet the constraints of the location and maintain the quality of my photos.

One of the keys to this type of assignment is to bring only what is needed into the site.  I scouted the location when I arrived and anything not needed stayed in the truck.

With the help of the Blue Kudu executive chef I matched the studio photos shot a month ago.  Contact me for estimates and inquiries about your next project.